Terms and Conditions

www.gv-industries.co.uk is an on-line web shop that specializes on the sale of products for conventional and Central Vacuum, Laundry-Jet, Electric Radiant Heat floors and Thermostats. www.gv-industries.co.uk sells its products, remotely, via internet (website or email), by phone or conventional mail.


1. Objective

These Terms and Conditions are presented in order to define the different modalities of sale between gv-industries.co.uk and its clients. Any person or entity, in a private or corporate capacity, that makes a purchase through the www.gv-industries.co.uk website becomes a bona fide client in terms of the general T’s & C’s.


1.1. Applying Fields

All present General Conditions rule the sale of products from the www.gv-industries.co.uk website, on the day of validation of the actual order.

They are all applicable whether the orders are done via internet, email, telephone or conventional mail.

1.2. Acceptance by the client

By validating his order, the client automatically accepts the General Conditions of Sale expressed herein.

These Conditions apply to the exclusion of all the other Conditions, except when there is a written mutual agreement between the parts.

The purchase via email, telephone, fax or conventional mail also implies acceptance of these T&C’s. These T&C’s are clearly visible on our website, or they can be sent by email, fax or conventional mail at the client’s request.

1.3. Alterations to the General Terms and Conditions

Gv-industries.net reserves the right to alter the T&C’s at any time, without previous notice, to our website. Furthermore it is recommended that regular consultations to the T&C’s are observed, as continuous consultation of the website is deemed to be considered as unequivocal acceptance of any alterations thereof, and being subject to the latest version.

The current version of TC’s does not have a precise date, so all orders are subject to the TC’s in use at the time of the actual order.

1.4. Product Specifications

Gv-industries.co.uk strives to present in the best possible manner, the essential characteristics of all products in conjunction with the manufacturers. Confirmation of all technical data is always possible by contact with our offices via phone or email.

All available products fall within EU legislation and applicable specifications.

1.5 Operating Manuals

Gv-industries.co.uk strives to furnish, whenever possible, Operating Manuals in the consumer’s home language. However, this is not always possible on hard copy, being only available on digital format or through direct internet download.

1.6 Prices

1.6.1 The selling prices displayed on the website are in £ Sterling, with all taxes included.

1.6.2 In case the prices of our suppliers suffer any alteration then the prices on our website are also deemed to be changed at any moment.

1.6.3 All prices are deemed to be correct except in the unlikely event of an incorrect entry thereon. If an order is done on a product which price is incorrect we reserve the right to cancel such order, and refund the client for the amount paid.


2. Value Added Tax (VAT)

2.1 Application

VAT is applicable to all sales concluded with EU residents. It is not applicable to non British companies within the EU, which are in possession of a EU VAT number. VAT is not applicable for export sales (outside of the European Union). An invoice is issued with the products and clearly states that VAT has been paid.

2.2 Taxes

All prices displayed are inclusive of 20% VAT.


3. Orders

3.1 How to place an order

When the customer places his order through the website, it is required that that a form is filled. Before validating the order, the form should be re-read in order to confirm all details. Gv-industries.co.uk will not accept responsibility for any wrong information inputted in the order forms.

3.2 Confirmation of Orders

Confirmation of order is sent to the client via email under the assumption that the email address sent is correct and does not have any spelling mistakes.

3.3 Cancelation of Orders

Clients can cancel their orders at any time, unless an invoice has already been issued. In this instance, if the client persists in not taking possession of the products ordered, then the same must be accepted and returned at his own cost, with all packaging in its original form, and with a note saying “Goods Returned”. If the client placed his order via our website, the same can be cancelled by phone, fax or email. In case the client refuses to accept the order all delivery related costs inherent to expedition and return of the goods will be deducted from the refund.

3.4 Availability of products

Our product and pricing offer is valid while available on our website and subject to stock availability. Further information can be obtained via phone, fax or email.

Should gv-industries.co.uk not be able, by whatever reason, to obtain a product from one of its suppliers within the stipulated deadlines, the client will be informed of the status of his order via phone or email. In this way, the client will be able to opt to cancel his order, or choose another product that is available.

Gv-industries.co.uk reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any order.


4. Payment

4.1 Forms of payment

The client will be able to pay through the following means of payment:

4.1.1 Electronic Bank Transfer

4.1.2 Paypal

4.1.3 Credit Card

4.2 Non Payment

Gv-industries.co.uk reserves the right to refuse delivery or to accept an order from a client that has not paid in full or a portion, of any ordered product.

All payments must be done in a maximum of 3 working days upon placement of order. After this deadline the order will be cancelled.

4.3 Reservation of ownership

Gv-industries.co.uk will retain full ownership of all its products until full payment by its clients.


5. Invoices

The order form filled by the client on our website is not valid as an invoice. Regardless of the type of order or means of payment, the client will only receive the invoice together with the products, upon delivery.


6. Deadlines

6.1 Deadlines for preparation of orders.

All orders done through our website will be treated on a first come first serve basis from Monday to Sunday. The deadline for expedition of orders is also subject to stock availability.

6.2 Deadlines for delivery.

The deadlines for delivery of products are stipulated by the carrier companies. These deadlines are communicated to the customers as an estimate, in working days, and also depend on the assumption that the address given for delivery is not incorrect, and that somebody will be available to receive the order on the day. Non compliance by the carrier in terms of deadlines cannot hold gv-industries.net liable in any terms. These deadlines are communicated to the customer upon expedition of the orders.


7. Expedition

7.1 Packaging

All products ready to expedite are packaged in such a manner as to arrive at its destination in its pristine form, always taking into account customer satisfaction.

7.2 Confirmation

If the client places his order on the website, he will immediately receive a confirmation email. Should the customer’s email be incorrect the order will only be processed upon confirmation of payment thereof.


8. Delivery

8.1 Delivery address

All orders will be delivered to the address indicated by the customer on his order form.

8.2 Unattended deliveries

The customer will be informed of the estimated day of delivery of his order. The customer must indicate an address where there will be somebody to receive the order between 9h and 18h, as well as the place of work. If the delivery fails, the customer will be informed of the day and time such delivery was attempted. Another delivery shall be attempted in the following working day.

8.3 Delivery deadlines

The estimated time of delivery varies between 1 and 30 days, for more information our offices should be contacted.

8.4 Loss of orders

In this case, gv-industries.co.uk is obliged to comply with deadlines from the carriers in respect of declarations of loss and refunds due. This taken in consideration, the customer must also observe these deadlines:

- Consequently, the customer has a maximum period of 30 days from receipt of email with confirmation of expedition of order to declare such loss should it occur, to gv-industries.co.uk. Beyond this period no complaints will be accepted related to such loss.

- However, if the customer declared the loss within the stipulated period, gv-industries.co.uk will need to open a complaint process. In such cases gv-industries.co.uk may require relevant documentation from the customer. These documents should be made available as soon as possible.

- Subsequently, definitive answers relating to the enquiry are given to the carrier company within a period of time that varies between 1 to 3 weeks. There can be two types of situations: The order is recovered and resent to the customer following standard procedures, or the order is declared lost by the carrier and gv-industries.co.uk informs the customer to repeat his order or he will be reimbursed to value of his order, at the customer’s discretion.

8.5 Reception of order

We recommend that all orders delivered should be verified as to values and quantities, and that the customer makes all necessary annotations about the general condition of the product in the carrier’s delivery note in case of any abnormalities.

Without these annotations from the customer any such complaints regarding the condition of the delivered product may be contested by gv-industries.net.

The verification of the general condition of the delivered product is deemed to be considered once delivery note is signed.

8.5.1 If the product is damaged, we urge you to please take photos of the same, and send it by email to info@gv-industries.co.uk within the next 24 hours in order for us to activate our transport insurance.

8.6 Mistakes in order content

Upon reception of order by the customer, he must indicate by phone, fax or email to gv-industries.co.uk any complaint about non conformities of product in terms of type, quality or quantity, as to the actual order placed. Complaints about non conformities must be placed within a maximum period of 24 hrs upon reception of goods. Any complaints that don’t comply with these rules and not placed within the stipulated timelines will not be accepted by gv-industries.co.uk.

8.7 Strikes or unforeseen events

In the case of a strike by the carrier company, or any other unforeseen event that prevents or delays the delivery of the orders, gv-industries .co.uk will inform the customer of the status of the delivery.


9. Returns

9.1 Procedures and general conditions for returns

9.1.1 Conditions

The customer has the right to return items purchased within a maximum period of 14 days from date of reception of goods.

If the consumer chooses to be reimbursed then that payment will be done within 30 days following reception of returned goods from gv-industries.co.uk.

If you wish to make a return you must then contact our offices by email to info@gv-industries.co.uk or through our telephone nr. +44 1293 772 165 or you can personally go to our offices ensuring that you bring the purchasing invoice, and indicate whether you wish to exchange the goods or be reimbursed.

9.1.2 Packaging state

All returned goods must be in perfect condition, in its original packaging and without any physical sign of attempted utilization. In the case of the customer having changed his mind or any mistake on the part of the customer then all charges related to the return of the goods will be on the customer’s entire responsibility.

9.1.3 Internal error

Gv-industries.co.uk will assume responsibility for all delivery costs if there is an internal error and the product delivered doesn’t correspond to what was effectively ordered. If the customer opts to change these products for different ones then all delivery cost are of his own entire responsibility.

9.1.4 Defects from origin

Gv-industries.co.uk will be responsible for delivery costs resulting from defects of products from origin. Should this situation occur then the product will be replaced by a similar one. If the customer chooses to change it to a different product then the delivery costs will be of his own responsibility.

9.1.5 Damages during transportation

Gv-industries.co.uk will be responsible for all delivery costs in the event that the products got damaged during transportation. In this case the product will be replaced with a similar product. If the customer opts for a different product then all costs relating to the delivery will be the customer’s responsibility.

Important note: We recommend that you pay special attention to the outside of the packaged goods as it may reflect any possible damage to the actual product.

Upon reception of the goods and in the presence of a representative from the carriers, the general condition of the goods must be verified before signing any delivery note, thus accepting the delivery.

If the product is found to be damaged, we ask you to take photos and send to our email info@gv-industries.co.uk within the next 24 hrs, in order for us to activate our transport insurance cover.

Verification of the condition of goods delivered is deemed to be done, once the delivery note is signed.

9.1.6 Any packaged box received at our offices without any identity or description of the sender will not be accepted.

9.1.7 Sizes and colours

All products displayed on our website have sizes and colors that resemble the original items but we stress the fact that they are for reference purposes only and do not always correspond to the actual sizes and colors. For specific cases, please contact our technical department through email to info@gv-industries.co.uk before you order, as all returns motivated by technical discrepancies will be at the customer’s entire responsibility.

9.1.8 Personalized items

All returns, cancelation of orders or reimbursements are not applicable to personalized items, as contemplated by law:

"Supply of goods manufactured or ordered according to customer specification and/or modification cannot be returned”.

9.1.9 Delivery costs by withdrawal

In the case of the customer withdrawing his order or any other error on his part, all delivery costs will be at his entire responsibility.


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