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Globovac Ltd is based in the South East of England and was established following the success of our partner company Globovac Lda, in Coimbra, Portugal. Globovac Ltd opened its doors in 2010 with an objective to expand the sales network both in the UK and on the European market. Together both Globovac Ltd and Globovac Lda have 15 years’ worth of experience and with this experience we have developed and transformed a valuable distribution network not only at home and Europe but also on other continents such as Asia, Africa and South America - This has by far exceeded even our very own high expectations.

Our company thrives on passion and desire to compete amongst the best and we achieve this due to the fact that our company was built from scratch and thus means we take pride in our work and treat every customer the same no matter how big or small they are. Over the years we have made a big effort to develop our own brand “GV”. As a result of this in 2013 we opened up our very own production facilities and a brand new manufacturing company - GV Industries.

Our mission is only to give full customer satisfaction – we do this by working closely with our customers, meeting their requirements and sustaining exceptional relationships with them. Globovac Ltd, Globocvac Lda & GV Industries work together to give its customers what they want and with this in mind we are always looking at how we can improve quality and keeping our prices amongst the most competitive on the market. We believe that with every problem exists a solution and with this mentality we have gained respect and reputability across the world.

GV - We are at your service.

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